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If over-the-counter skin treatments are no longer proving effective, but you do not want to undergo a surgical procedure, try minimally invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation, such as microneedling. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Brown and his team of aesthetic professionals are happy to perform microneedling (collagen induction therapy) at his office in Ashburn, VA. Microneedling uses multiple fine needles to effectively and safely make micro-injuries in the skin. The micro-injuries prompt the natural production of elastin and collagen, two nutrients that contribute to the overall health and appearance of your complexion.

In addition, we offer RF microneedling techniques to further enhance your results. These remedies have existed for a number of years and are popular in the aesthetics industry for their skin tightening effects. These specific types of laser therapy utilize heat to stimulate the creation of collagen deep within the skin to reveal a firmer, smoother surface. Often performed with other treatments, such as nonsurgical body contouring with AccuTite, microneedling may help minimize scars, stretch marks, and pores. Schedule an appointment for a consultation at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery to discover more about the results of microneedling and how to personalize your procedure for your skin concerns and goals.

“Had micro needling done by Brittany. Am very pleased with the changes even with it being my first treatment. Changes include lessening of large pores due to acne, skin tone is more even, fullness and fine line improvement. Also, recovery was easy and quick. Can just imagine what improvements can be had with multiple treatments.”

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It is possible you could be a candidate for microneedling treatments if you experience light or mild complexion problems, like a decrease in firmness or uneven texture. Collagen induction therapy procedures may also improve the look of pores, stretch marks, and scars. You need to be willing to wait before seeing benefits from your microneedling procedure because the elastin and collagen require a month or longer to have an impact on the complexion; however, you will see results that look natural and gain healthier, stronger skin.


Collagen induction therapy with microneedling is performed in one of our office procedure rooms in around 30 – 60 minutes with local anesthesia or numbing cream if desired; however, patients typically experience little or no pain and discomfort. The areas of skin being addressed will be cleaned before the handpiece is evenly passed over. Once the microneedling is done, a treatment, such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) or a serum with a vitamin infusion, may be applied so the nutrients can penetrate deeper into the skin. A moisturizer selected for your skin type will be massaged in along with sun protection because the treated skin will be more sensitive following the procedure.

On the other hand, RF microneedling utilizes the preselected radiofrequency technology and handpiece that is carefully rolled around the skin to puncture and make micro-injuries that “interrupt” the tissues and stimulate the production of collagen. The applicator that emits radiofrequency energy works by providing brief bursts of RF energy via a collection of golden micro-needles. The power is delivered via the needles, which concurrently punctures your skin and returns the electrodes on the surface of the skin. The RF energy warms at levels, which offer cumulative and continuing results. New skin grows as the skin begins to heal, leaving the surface looking and feeling brighter, smoother, and more refreshed. Although this process can be performed on its own, combining this innovative method with one of our radiofrequency laser technologies has enabled us to maximize the outcomes for our Ashburn, VA patients.


Following the procedure, you might develop light redness and swelling for around one day; however, this should resolve on its own. It can take around 1 – 2 months as the elastin and collagen supply increases until you notice significant changes in the appearance and health of your treated skin. You should schedule around 4 – 6 follow-up sessions performed every 4 – 6 weeks for the best outcomes and long-term skin benefits.


How much does microneedling cost?

Costs for microneedling will depend on what’s in your plan. In your consultation, Dr. Brown will evaluate your skin and then create your personalized plan. Once this is done, he will explain your treatment costs and the procedure process. The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery frequently has discounts on treatment packages so ask about our current deals in your appointment.

What exactly is microneedling?

Collagen induction therapy or microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure to improve the health of your skin. A natural fibrous protein, collagen helps your skin stay smooth, supple, and firm. As you get older, your supply of collagen is reduced and your skin gets thin and less elastic. Microneedling causes tiny skin wounds. These micro-injuries force your skin to generate new skin cell growth and increase collagen production. After a short recovery period, your complexion is healthier, firmer, and brighter.

Can I combine other treatments with microneedling?

In the process of microneedling, channels are made that help other treatments to reach the lower layers. That is why microneedling is commonly done before other skin treatments, such as special serums or PRP (platelet-rich plasma). In your initial consultation, Dr. Brown will talk about which treatments would enhance your microneedling and which can help your skin’s health.

How many treatments are recommended for optimal results?

Usually, patients need 3 – 6 treatments to see optimal results. Although, how many sessions you require will vary based on your goals and the condition of your skin. Microneedling may be done every 4 – 6 weeks. In your initial consultation, Dr. Brown will estimate the number of sessions you might want after assessing your skin and listening to your goals. When your skin goals are reached, Dr. Brown suggests scheduling touch-up sessions two times a year.

What are the benefits of RF microneedling?

An RF microneedling treatment is both safe and effective for most complexion tones and types, and it may be performed on almost every area of your body and face. RF microneedling delivers impressive improvements and very little time needed for recovery if you are not ready for a surgical facelift or body lift. However, RF microneedling can also help to update the appearance of your skin after a facelift or body lift surgery.


Enhance the appearance and health of your complexion with microneedling therapy at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery in Ashburn, VA. A nonsurgical procedure that may produce significant improvements, microneedling prompts your natural collagen production for firmer, smoother skin. Make an appointment at our state-of-the-art facility to hear more information about this procedure and other complementary skin revitalizing options.

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