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Rhinoplasty is among the most prominent aesthetic surgeries available, and patients are usually ecstatic about their results. However, if you are not pleased with the look of your new nose shape or you are having breathing trouble following nose surgery, revision rhinoplasty can be performed at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery in Ashburn, VA. Revision or secondary nose surgery usually includes small improvements to improve the appearance of the nose or includes total reconstruction to rebuild it, allowing for easier breathing. You do not have to live with undesirable results or deal with functional issues following rhinoplasty — arrange an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Brown for more information about revision rhinoplasty and your opportunities for achieving more aesthetically pleasing results.

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You could be a great candidate for revision rhinoplasty if you need to alter or correct the complications from your initial rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty revision is typically performed to repair or change the shape and functionality of your nose. Patients should be in search of a permanent repair and have pragmatic goals before pursuing a revision rhinoplasty surgery. In addition, you should know that this surgery could be significantly more difficult than the initial rhinoplasty.


Prior to initiating revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Brown will learn more about your situation to understand your personal requests and aesthetic goals before designing a course of action. At the time of the actual surgery, Dr. Brown will use either a closed or open approach. While employing the open technique (the most common approach), Dr. Brown will separate the skin, cartilage, and bone, allowing for maximum visibility. Next, Dr. Brown will shape the nose to the requested position. The closed technique is much less invasive and typically chosen for simpler repairs. Sometimes during revision rhinoplasty, a cartilage or bone graft is used to help reconstruct and strengthen the framework of the nose.


Revision rhinoplasty is most commonly completed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The duration of your procedure depends upon the extent of repair and the technique used. Upon the completion of the surgery, you will be asked to wear a nose splint for about a week and could be asked to arrange a follow-up appointment to remove the stitches and splint. This will also allow Dr. Brown to check on your recovery. Since revision rhinoplasty can typically be more difficult than your first nose surgery, recoveries can take a bit longer. You could experience heavy swelling, deep bruising, and discomfort or pain for approximately two weeks.


How much does a revision rhinoplasty cost?

Your cost for revision rhinoplasty will vary, depending on how much reconstruction is required. In your consultation, Dr. Brown will understand your goals before evaluating your previous nose surgery. As soon as a surgical plan is formed, he can more accurately estimate your costs. Dr. Brown will also go over the payment methods we accept and provide information on low-interest financing to make your surgery as affordable as possible.

How long should I wait after my original rhinoplasty?

It is crucial to allow your nose time to heal following nose surgery. In most patients, it may take more than one year for swelling to completely subside so you can see the final shape of your nose. As soon as your nose is fully healed from nose surgery, you need to take some time to decide how you much you like or dislike the appearance and then schedule an appointment at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery with Dr. Brown.

How common are revision rhinoplasty procedures?

Nose surgery is a very popular plastic surgery, and many people are pleased with their outcomes. Although, some nose surgeries might need another surgery to finish the results or to fix small flaws. In a few patients, revision nose surgery is necessary to improve large cosmetic flaws or functional issues caused by the first surgery. If you are unhappy at all with your nose surgery by Dr. Brown or another plastic surgeon, visit us for a consultation to receive more information on revision rhinoplasty.

How can I ensure that I will receive better results with a revision procedure?

It is very important to do research when choosing a plastic surgeon to do a revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Brown is a skilled plastic surgeon with years of experience in nose surgery with a unique interest in secondary surgery. He understands the extra skill and advanced techniques needed to complete a second rhinoplasty but not collapsing the structure.

Will I need cartilage grafting?

In some cases, cartilage grafting might be needed. Cartilage grafting is done by removing cartilage and/or bone from another part of the body, like the ribs, and transferring it to rebuild the structure of your nose. Usually, this is only required in serious cases or when the cartilage was damaged in the original rhinoplasty surgery. Cartilage grafting might be needed to help strengthen your nasal structure so you do not have trouble breathing after revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Brown will discuss if cartilage grafting may be needed in your initial consultation.


The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery is devoted to ensuring that you obtain the appearance you desire and deserve, even more so if you had a less-than-desirable experience with your first rhinoplasty procedure. At the time of your consultation, Dr. Brown will ask questions to gain an understanding of your needs and cosmetic goals before talking about your potential options to provide you with a pleasing aesthetic outcome. If you are considering secondary rhinoplasty surgery and are ready to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brown, contact our Ashburn, VA facility at your earliest convenience.

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