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A surgery known as the Brazilian butt lift has become one of the fastest growing treatments in the U.S. and continues to be in widespread demand among both women and men. This butt enhancement surgery allows individuals an effective way to have a rounder and shapelier buttocks without having to use an implant. Significant weight loss, aging, gravity, as well as hereditary characteristics can lead to a flat and unshapely buttocks. In today’s times, a rounder, more voluptuous rear end is desired more than ever. Using your own fat, the Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the patient’s buttocks area to create the appropriate roundness and shape. The process is achieved through a careful and precise fat transfer process, which uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat pockets from one place of your body and then transfers it into your backside (rear end). It takes an artistic eye to perfect this body contouring surgery and with years of training, experience, and learned skill, Ashburn, VA board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Brown can garner gorgeous, natural-looking results at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery.


Candidates for the Brazilian butt lift will be evaluated to confirm they are able to undergo this surgery. First is to confirm there is adequate fat in certain areas to remove for the removal, grafting, and transfer process. If you are of a low body weight or have insufficient fat to remove for the transfer, you, unfortunately, may not be a candidate for this treatment. Moreover, it is also crucial to have good skin laxity. If your buttocks has loose, hanging skin, you may benefit better from a surgical butt lift rather than a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer. If you maintain a good weight, have the right amount of fat to extract and transfer and prefer not to use an implant, this procedure can be a terrific alternative for you.

“I went in for a consultation and Dr. Brown and his staff were absolutely amazing. He is so knowledgeable in his field and answered all of my questions honestly. I didn’t feel rushed at all. He’s the first doctor I’ve seen regarding my Brazilian butt lift consultation and I’m so confident he’s the right doctor […]

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In most cases, anesthesia is used for a fat transfer surgery of this nature. It is qualified as an outpatient treatment and on average, takes around 2 – 3 hours (it depends on the quantity of fat that is being liposuctioned and reinstated). A form of liposuction will be performed first to remove fat from specific areas on the body, including the abdominal area, hips, and thighs. This method of fat extraction is performed at the highest quality and safety. The extracted fat is protected from the open air since it is intricately purified in a closed and sterile centrifuge system. It is during this time that viable and healthy fat tissue is carefully harvested and placed into syringes. Next is the injection phase, where the healthy fat tissue is injected in layers followed by a delicate massage to make sure the surface is even and smooth. This step is repeated numerous times until the desired roundness and shape has been attained. Since every person is shaped differently, the entire shape needs to be considered at the beginning. Even the bone structure and muscles need to be considered in the outcome. This is especially true when also changing surrounding areas.


After a Brazilian butt lift, you will be sent home to recover. Remember, there are separate sections on the body that need to be monitored — where the fat was liposuctioned and your enhanced buttocks. In both places, there will be incision care needed. It is important to not place unnecessary weight on the buttocks for around two weeks after surgery, and you may need to wear compression garments. The body may also retain fluids during the healing period. As such, the final result may not be known for several months. The shape may continue to change for up to a year as the butt begins to appear curvaceous and shapelier. In addition, the areas that had liposuction may make your result more beautiful if it was performed on the hips or lower back/flanks section.


How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?

Your total cost for a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) includes the fat transfer and liposuction, anesthesia, facility fees, plus care before and after your surgery. When Dr. Brown has developed your treatment plan, he will be able to give you cost estimates. It is best to focus on choosing a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with, like Dr. Brown, so we will help make your BBL affordable. The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery takes several payments, and we can give you information on low-interest financing.

Should I get implants or a fat transfer?

If you want to improve the shape and size of your buttocks, you get butt augmentation using either silicone implants or fat grafting, which is commonly called a Brazilian butt lift. In your initial consultation, Dr. Brown will explain both methods and help you choose which fits your physique and wants. He will also examine your body to decide which areas would get liposuction (usually the back, thighs, or stomach). You may not be a candidate for a BBL if your body fat percentage is too low.

How long will my results last?

Although a small amount of fat might be reabsorbed after your Brazilian butt lift, the majority of the fat will stay in your buttocks for many years. To keep your results, you need to maintain a steady weight because major weight loss or gain can alter the results of your Brazilian butt lift. That is why Dr. Brown highly recommends you be at a healthy weight prior to your BBL so it is easier for you to stay at.

How can I recover faster after a BBL?

If you want to minimize your healing time following a BBL, Dr. Brown or someone on his team will give you post-surgical instructions. You should avoid sitting on your buttocks for at least 14 days as the area heals. Dr. Brown suggests you buy a nursing or donut-shaped pillow, which lets you sit down with pressure placed on your legs rather than your buttocks. Light stretching and short walks will improve your blood flow and reduce swelling. Dr. Brown might also suggest a special post-surgical massage to help your body heal.

Will a Brazilian butt lift remove loose skin?

While it is called a Brazilian butt lift, this name is confusing since it is not really a butt lift, which surgically removes excess skin from your butt. Although, the extra volume transferred to your buttocks during a Brazilian butt lift can fill out some loose skin. If you are concerned about moderate or severe excess skin in your butt, you might want a gluteoplasty with a BBL. Dr. Brown will go over your options, depending on your goals and physical exam in your initial consultation.


This procedure has become so popular due to the fact that it allows people the chance to obtain the round and shapely buttocks they have desired. As the world around is honed in on a healthier, round bottom, the Brazilian butt lift has become one of our most sought-after procedures at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery. If you are looking to attain an enhanced fullness to your buttocks and are seeking a natural alternative, we welcome you to contact The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery in Ashburn, VA to make an appointment with Dr. Brown.

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