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Breast implant removal or breast implant explant is a common surgical procedure. There are many reasons why a woman would want her implants removed.  This personal choice is never an issue.  The most important consideration is how they would want it managed. Some women who are not feeling well will elect to not only have the breast explant but also request to have the breast implant capsule removed too. It can be even more complicated because some may elect to have the entire capsule removed. When this is the case, it is called a complete capsulectomy, in other cases, a partial capsulectomy is all that is warranted. 

At The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery in Ashburn, VA, Dr. Michael J. Brown meets with patients who wish to remove their breast implants. At times, a breast lift might be required following implant removal based upon the size and type of the former implants, as well as how much your skin was stretched. A breast lift can typically help minimize sagging or excess skin, which could remain after implant removal. If you are attempting to go back to your previous breast size, implant removal surgery along with a breast lift may produce amazing results to get back the original appearance and texture of your breasts.

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Implant removal surgery or breast implant explant may be utilized to correct a range of issues a patient may experience after breast augmentation, such as scar tissue (capsular contracture), implant malfunction, and unhappiness with the breast implants or association with illness. This can be called breast implant illness. Sometimes women might simply prefer their original breast size and wish to restore their normal look. Regardless of the reason, breast implant removal  or explant may operate to counteract the outcomes of breast implants and if coupled with a breast lift, may reestablish a natural, desirable aesthetic look. Before your surgery, Dr. Brown will talk with you regarding your wanted look for your breasts, as well as the way to reach it.


During your breast implant removal procedure, the breast implants are taken out and the implant’s scar tissue will need to be attended to. The scar tissue that surrounds the breast implant is called the breast implant capsule. This is a natural and normal response to the implants. There are indications to remove only part of the implant capsule (partial capsulectomy), or all of the implant capsule (complete capsulectomy). The degree of severity of the implant capsule and the patient’s desires about the capsule management are the most important considerations for capsule management. The complete capsulectomy is typically performed with thickened capsules, capsules with calcium , or concerns about breast implant illness.  The amount of time to perform a complete capsulectomy is increased when the breast implants are below the muscle. These cases can be further complicated by failed silicone gel breast implants. There are some patients that request complete capsulectomy to done without entering the implant pocket. This surgery is called an Enbloc capsulectomy. This is an even more time consuming procedure and leads to longer incisions and prolonged recoveries to heal from this surgery, especially when the implants and scar tissue are below the pectoralis muscles.

After the implants have been taken out, Dr. Brown can conduct a fat transfer, breast lift, or possibly both based on what had been decided upon during your consultation. Additionally, there are a number of alternatives to replace volume following an implant removal to improve the shape of your breast.


The recovery period will vary for every individual, depending on the repair required after the procedure. After the process, Dr. Brown will provide post-procedure directions and might suggest additional procedures to help eliminate scarring or improve the aesthetics of the breasts. For the first few weeks, patients may experience swelling and bruising and must restrict strenuous exercise until otherwise permitted. However, patients are to move around as it will help with blood circulation nafter the surgery. Optimal results can normally be observed roughly 4 – 6 months following the operation.

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