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A toned stomach can typically be obtained through a nutritious diet plan and exercise, but “washboard” abs are extremely hard and in some cases impossible for everybody to get. If you would like a defined stomach with a visible “six-pack,” board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Brown performs ab sculpting at his practice in Ashburn, VA. An extremely refined liposculpture technique, abdominal etching may be helpful to remove small quantities of stubborn fat from your belly and define your abs. Schedule an appointment at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery to find out more information on ab sculpting.

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At your consultation, Dr. Brown will evaluate your body to ascertain whether you’re a good candidate to get abdominal sculpting. To be a good candidate for ab etching, you should be in a healthy weight range but with stubborn areas of fat covering your abdominal muscles. You should have a low body fat percentage (preferably below 20%) and also have attempted to improve your core using a high-protein diet, regular exercise, and stomach muscle training. Due to hormones, genetics, or pregnancy, you might naturally be unable to get washboard abs.


Dr. Brown performs ab etching as an outpatient surgery in a licensed surgical facility with you under anesthesia. Throughout the 1 – 2-hour procedure, Dr. Brown will create one or more small incisions so he can insert a hollow tube (cannula) to vacuum out fatty tissue. Dr. Brown normally uses liposculpture methods to loosen and take out fat, but he might also utilize Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) to get a more defined result. Dr. Brown will etch the outline of the rectus muscle and the midline linea alba. In order to give you a six-pack, he can also etch the horizontal lines and transverse inscriptions. When the fat is liposuctioned and the stomach muscles are completely defined, Dr. Brown will close the incisions using stitches.


After the surgery, you’ll be put in a compression garment to minimize swelling and bruising, which should diminish in roughly a couple of weeks. You will feel mild discomfort, but you may feel well enough to go back to work in 5 – 7 days and get back to working out in three weeks. Dr. Brown does his best to put the tiniest incisions in your stomach’s natural creases so the scars are hard to see when completely healed. Dr. Brown or a member of his staff will give you scar care directions that will help your incisions heal properly.


How much does abdominal sculpting cost?

The price of an abdominal sculpting procedure will be dependent on your existing shape and your desired results. In your consultation at our facility, Dr. Brown will understand your goals and concerns in order to create a procedure plan that is tailored to you. We can then provide you with information on your out-of-pocket costs and the payment methods we offer at our practice.

Will I experience scarring?

Since abdominal sculpting is a minimally invasive procedure, the incisions are also minimal. During the procedure, Dr. Brown will create a small incision that is used to insert the cannula near the belly button or along the natural crease in the abdomen. Our team will also be able to provide you with aftercare instructions to help you heal properly with minimal scarring.

Can I combine with another treatment?

Yes, abdominal sculpting can be combined with additional aesthetic treatments to create desired results. During your consultation, we will be able to recommend any other procedures that may yield more optimal outcomes. We may also be able to suggest nonsurgical treatments that can enhance your results without additional downtime.


However much time you work on your core, you might not be able to obtain a defined stomach naturally. Abdominal sculpting at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery liposuctions the stubborn fat from your stomach and etches the muscle lines so that you will have a six-pack. If you have tried exercise and diet but are still fighting to have visible muscles, then schedule an appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Brown at his practice in Ashburn, VA to find out more about abdominal sculpting.

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