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At The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery, our main goal is to offer the highest level of aesthetic care to yield optimal, desirable results. This is why board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Brown and his team take into account all of the feedback we receive about our patients’ experiences at our Ashburn, VA facility. We have compiled a complete list of our patients’ reviews to give those looking for an aesthetic treatment the opportunity to learn more about our practice. We invite you to browse through our reviews and feel at ease when choosing our facility for your aesthetic procedure.

The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery

BOTOX® Testimonials

Review from M.M.
Dec 18, 2012

“BEST Botox result! I have been enjoying the benefits of Botox for 15 years now; however, I have learned over the years that ‘not all Botox doctors are the same!’. I have tried dermatologists (one of the best rated in the area) and I needed 3 monthly top ups and even had strange puffy areas on my forehead weeks later! I have been to spas…go if you want uneven eyebrows! The bottom line…the very best results, that have lasted for 6 months or more, have been with Dr. Brown. I feel very privileged that a top plastic surgeon is also providing Botox services to his clients. The results are great and lasting. At 45, I have NO wrinkles. That’s what I am paying for and that’s what I get with Dr. Brown. I highly recommend this doctor.”

Review from B.G.
Oct 13, 2015

“Im so fortunate to be able to visit the Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology at least once every year. It’s my self indulgent splurge. And the results are amazing. My face is spotless (I grew up completely freckle faced… so you can imagine, aging in the Florida sun didn’t keep that looking cute); my wrinkles are now virtually completely diminished all with the help of laser treatments and botox… then followed up with a skin care regimen recommended by Dr. Brown’s knowledgeable staff. I am able to maintain a healthy youthful glow. “

Review from L.B.
Oct 14, 2015

 “I had Botox injections at TLCFPS, and I give it 5 stars for 5 reasons: the location of the center, courteous and friendly staff, the cleanliness of the procedure rooms, the professionalism of Dr. Brown, and the FABULOUSLY unbeatable results! I would definitely recommend TLCFPS and Dr. Brown to anyone considering a plastics procedure. You’re going to LOVE your results!”

Review from D.G.
Nov 04, 2015

“Dr. Brown is terrific.  I am a longtime botox and skin care patient.  This doctor is warm and has a good sense of humor.  He is professional, well educated, experienced, and honest. He approaches his specialty realistically and meticulously and does not over treat.  My results are consistently superior to any others received elsewhere.  I highly recommend this practice. “

Review from M.N.
Dec 18, 2015

“Today, I went to his practice to see his nurse for the Filler and Botox. Amada is really nice and sweet. She made me feel comfortable with every injection she put in my face. 😀 Looking forward to a great result soon. I also met my favorite everything-beauty expert, Catherine. She is the best. She is very knowledgeable, fun, and sweet. Highly recommended. I wanted to give them only 4 stars not five because they had some miscommunication regarding my schedule early this week. I was very very upset. However, Dr. Brown made the trip there today to meet me and apologize. It was a surprise and I feel very good about it. It was not a quick apology. He took time to explain and spent time with me on the consultation that we missed early this week. I have been following his profile for ten years. Looking forward to a longterm relationship with his practice. “

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Review from M.W.

Source: Surgical Experience

Jun 28, 2017

“The staff is very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed everyone, they were all very informative and made me feel comfortable. I was referred by another patient and will also be doing the same. I will keep coming to see Dr. Brown for all my aesthetic needs. I loved everything! Thank you so much!”

Review from R.W.
Sep 10, 2019

“Dr. Brown and the entire team at the Loudoun Center for Cosmetic Surgery provide the most welcoming, inviting, professional and educated support. They already have a great reputation but they certainly exceeded my expectations. From my first contact with Amber and Melissa for my consultation who made me feel so welcome, to meeting Dr. Brown and the rest of the surgical team, to post op care, as well as additional services such as facial and injectables, I knew I was in not just good, but great hands. I am so incredibly pleased with my results and will continue to utilize their services. The results from each service have me smiling bigger and walking with more confidence. I am so grateful for this team! “

Review from F.G.
Nov 02, 2019

“Dr Brown and his staff and especially Amber, made me super relaxed and comfortable up to the day and the day of my Blephroplasty.  I have been coming to Dr Michael Brown for years and he is an amazing Surgeon.  His botox expertise and prices are also amazing.  Thank you for a wonderful experience”

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Review from M.C

Source: Surgical Experience

Jan 17, 2024

“Dr. Brown is truly the best. He is an artist and a surgeon and so kind! I had seen him in Herndon for injectables and I knew he would be the best for surgery- so happy he’s in Ashburn! “