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“This review is only for their laser hair removal. They way this office does the pricing is unique…but it makes sense! They charge you by the time, NOT by what area. 1 hour is $300 and 1/2 hour is $200. So as most places screw you on price by asking you what area you want treated, this office will treat whatever you want within your time frame. Obviously, you say you want a certain area, they will estimate that it will take 1/2 hour or 1 hour so you know what to book. Another thing (Groupon lovers pay attention!)…many of the packages you get emailed to you are for IPL, NOT actually laser. IPL may work for some, but IPL is for skin work like diminishing freckles. So you end up wasting money because barely anything happens. I’ve learned my lesson. One place I tried –which is buried way back in my Yelp reviews–I wasted 3 painful sessions bought through Groupon. Seriously, you get what you pay for, and although it seems expensive, Dr. Brown’s payment structure makes sense. And its a real laser, so it works. If you live in DC or not in Virginia it could be a bit of a trek to get here. But, if you live in Virginia, its worth coming here. I haven’t tried any of their other services yet, but so far, the office is clean, professional and their pricing structure for laser hair removal is really cool!”

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