What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring refers to a series of procedures that can be done to the body in order to eliminate completely or reduce extra unwanted skin and/or fat. These procedures usually follow major weight loss or weight loss surgeries, and help to shape the body to better fit the new size.

These body contouring procedures include but aren’t limited to:

Butt lift –

Butt lifts are usually performed on women that would like to enhance the shape and size of their current buttocks. Naturally sagging and changes of shape over time or because of extreme weight loss can cause the need for a woman to feel as if she would like to alter the size, firmness, or even shape. Augmentation of the butt can be done by inserting butt implants, injecting fat, or taking away skin along with liposuction around the area to create a lift.

Liposuction –

Liposuction is a procedure that removes unwanted fat from various parts of the body by sucking it out through a tube. Liposuction can be done on both men and women on parts of the body such as stomach, back, arms, legs, neck, and hips. This procedure is usually used on problem areas that do not go away even with efforts such as diets and exercise.

Tummy tuck –

Tummy tucks are a procedure that removes extra skin and fat from around the waist and abdomen, and that also usually involve muscle tightening around the area. Mini and full tummy tucks can be performed. The result of a tummy tuck is a flatter, smoother stomach that will last for a long period of time.

Arm, thigh and body lifts –

Arm, thigh and body lifts are all procedures that are used to get rid of excess fat and skin around these areas. If one is beginning to experience fat and loose skin under the arms after aging or extreme weight loss, then an arm lift might be the right procedure for them. If they are experiencing the problem area in the legs, then a thigh lift would be a great option. However, some people might have issues with the whole body after something like extreme weight loss, and will look towards something more comprehensive like a body lift.

Male breast reduction –

Male breast reduction is a procedure that is done on males that have unusually large and unwanted breast tissue. This disproportionate breast tissue can come about from extreme weight loss, aging, metabolic disorders, side effects of medications, and many more reasons.


All of these body contouring procedures can be done by the Loudoun Center For Plastic Surgery. Contact them today for more information on how to get the body that you want.



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