Unfortunate death of Gold Coast Beauty

The desire to look beautiful and different does not often end in a pleasant way. The same goes for Gold coast beauty Eva Sarmonikas who died an early death while undergoing cosmetic surgery in a Mexican hospital. Sources indicate that she underwent cardiac arrest while surgeons were on their way to surgery. The sudden death had left the entire world shocked; especially the people who were close to her and loved her. She decided to leave for Mexico for getting a better appearance as she was associated with the cine-glitz, where appearance is often the first and the final requirement for survival.


Cost of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are getting popular among people around the world as an easy means to get back lost beauty and thereby enhancing the appearance. However, it is not that easy every time. Some people bear the notion of getting the surgery done from foreign hospitals where the extent of risk is less. Well, it is something that can hardly be counted properly. The same transpired in the case of Eva as she considered Mexico to be the safest and most convenient destination for getting her cosmetic procedure done. However, the outcome proved fatal as doctors clearly stated the uncertainty of medical emergencies that may arise at any instant while conducting such complex surgical procedures.


International complexity

While Eva decided to get her surgery done from Mexico, it finally resulted in terrible trouble for her family to recover her body after death. It ultimately cost her family in the upwards of $20000 to bring her body back to Australia. This was made possible by financial assistance of her friends and peers who were closely associated with Eva.


Advice on Medical Tourism

The death of Eva Sarmonikas has left the entire world puzzled while leaving a big question in terms of viability of medical tourism. The Australian medical association had treated the case of Eva as a tragic one and thereby warned the country people about the possible consequences associated with surgeries conducted overseas. In the US, it is always advisable to go for board certified plastic surgeons. Furthermore, you would want to make sure that the risks associated with surgeries overseas, do not outnumber the benefits obtained from such medical procedures.


The Move

In order to curb the occurrence of such tragic incidents, the Australian medical association have stressed upon improving the medical standards within the country itself so that people do not feel like going for overseas surgery.



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