Trends in Plastic Surgery: Follow-Up Procedures after Weight Loss

Weight loss surgeries are becoming more and more common in the US. In fact, the number keeps inching closer and closer to 500 per day in recent years. This increase means that related surgeries are also becoming more common. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) published a report that shows this. It shows related surgeries are growing faster than they have in the last four years. What Plastic Surgeries Are Related to Weight-Loss Surgeries? Most of the related surgeries involve removal of the excess skin that results from rapid weight loss. Many plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in procedures that relate to excess skin removal. Patients who have had weight loss surgery may find the extra skin to be a problem. It can make it hard to be at ease in their own bodies. The skin itself can even be painful. This excess skin can be all over the body. It’s often found on thighs, arms, breasts, and stomachs. With excess skin a problem across many areas, there are many procedures that can help. Here are some examples:

  • Thigh lift
  • Upper arm lift
  • Breast lift
  • Tummy tuck


The ASPS report shows increases in all of these areas in recent years. (They have only recently begun to track surgeries requested by weight-loss patients). What Problems Are Caused by Excess Skin After Weight Loss? After losing a lot of weight, the extra skin that remains can cause a lot of problems. First off, it can be a barrier to keeping weight off long-term. It makes it tougher to exercise. It is frustrating. There is a mental barrier as well as a physical one because the remnants of the extra weight remain. The body still seems to be overweight even when the weight itself is gone.

Trends in Plastic Surgery


We’ve even talked about the benefits of excess skin removal before. Check out this blog post for more details: It’s easy to see why this could present a problem. And it can even make it more difficult to maintain the new weight. That’s why some plastic surgeons would like to see a more streamlined process for these patients. One in which the plastic surgeries that should accompany weight loss surgery are part of the plan from the beginning. This could improve long-term results for many people and make the weight loss easier to maintain. It’s important to note that – despite these recent increases – the number of people who get plastic surgery after weight loss surgery is still a small percentage of the total. (It’s around a quarter of the weight-loss surgery patients). If the benefits were explored at the beginning, it could be a win-win all around. When patients can see the benefits up front, then it can be incorporated into their long-term planning. It’s already frequently covered by insurance—but not all patients even consider it when considering surgical weight loss options. Talking about it earlier will allow patients to have a realistic expectation of what each surgery can provide. [i]



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