Three Questions You Should Never Forget to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Asking questions before going under the knife is normal. If you are thinking of getting a facelift, botox or tummy tuck being well-informed will boost the confidence and maximize the chances of getting satisfied with the treatment. These days, a number of people are undergoing cosmetic surgery but they often forget to ask some important questions. Before the surgery, it is important to clear all the doubts. It is always advisable to have a good understanding of your goals, surgeon’s abilities, expectations and the outcomes. Therefore, one must feel free to ask the surgeon anything related to the cosmetic surgery procedure. There are three most important questions that one should ask their cosmetic surgeon.


The Time and the Preparation

The first question one should ask is when the surgery will take place? Second is what will be the preparation that you should do before hand? The timeline and the plan to go ahead are the two most important questions that one should ask. As there is at least a month time between the consultation and the surgery, in this period a patient has to undergo pre-operative treatments such as medical screening or lab testing, etc. If you are going for a breast augmentation then you have to prepare for how long you have to rest and restrict your activity before and after the surgery. If you are a smoker then you have to quit smoking prior to the surgery.


Goals and Expectations

Third is what result will you get or expect after the surgery? As results depends on an individual’s health, goals and of course expectation. It is important that you should clearly state the goals and the expectation that you have from the surgery. How many times your surgeon has done the surgery you want. Sharing your goals with the surgeon and taking pictures of before-and-after of others that have undergone the similar surgery may provide some help in getting a clear idea.


Some other questions to ask

  • What will be the recovery and follow-up procedure of the surgery?
  • What is the qualification of the surgeon?
  • What is the experience of the surgeon?
  • How many operations does the surgeon have performed last year?
  • Do you have permission to speak to some of previous patients that have undergone the same surgery?
  • How many cosmetic surgeries does the clinic or hospital perform each year?


There are times when one may not get a satisfied result of the surgery; therefore, one must have realistic expectations from the surgery.



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