Three Important Questions You Should Ask Before Facial Surgery

If you have made up your mind on going under the knife, there are a few things that you may as well watch out for. Facial surgery is not a child’s play and the complications can be too difficult to handle under ruckus. It is no use asking a laundry-list of questions after the process is over. If you want optimum results from the surgery, prepare your questions and ask them in the first consultation. Here are a few that you may consider asking.

How qualified are you? It might seem a little out of the place to ask for the qualification of a surgeon. The first thing that you need to do here is check if the surgeon bears certification under the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While board certification is essential, you must not deem it final. Ask the surgeon on his specific experience or training in the procedure that you are after. It is best if the surgeon has adequate experience. If not, minutely considered the level of training they have been through. You might not want to be operated on by a surgeon whose only training in the concerned facial surgery procedure is a weekend course.

How has this procedure worked out for others?

Considering the procedure has been repeated by the surgeon many times over a course of many years, you should try and gather the results that the particular procedure has produced for other patients. Typically, the surgeon should be able to produce some reviews and testimonials in regard to the same. If not:

  • Ask out people who have undergone facial surgery from the same surgeon
  • Glance through the website for additional reviews
  • Gain knowledge of the odds in the procedure
  • Have a detailed discussion with your consultant on the success rate of the procedure

What and how serious are the potential complications?

Every medical procedure that involves the application of knife on human skin has to have some potential risks that you should try and negate. The plastic surgeon should be the best person to tell you about the potential risks attached to the procedure. Additionally, make sure to hear from your surgeon on grievous are the complications and to what extent can those deteriorate. It is also imperative here that you should conduct your own research on the various risks attached to facial surgery and the particular procedure in it that you seek to undergo. If you have other questions on facial surgery and its procedures, contact Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery now.

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