The Latest in Breast Implants: The Ideal Implant

For ages, women who get breast implants were faced with the question of saline versus silicone. There are pros and cons to each. Silicone gel implants are considered to have a more natural look and feel. But there is a risk of what’s called a “silent rupture” in which the implant tears, but there is no symptom to show it. (Yet silicone may be leaking.) Saline, on the other hand, does not have the risk of the silent rupture. If it leaks, it’s not harmful (and it’s known right away). On the other hand, it does have a higher risk of ripples.

The Latest in Breast Implants: The Ideal Implant

To combat all of the cons of the options currently on the market, the Ideal Implant was created. The Ideal Implant addresses all of the problems with both the silicone gel and saline implants. It is:

  • Made with saline filling, which is safer
  • Contoured, which allows a more natural look
  • Multi-layered, to provide better stability, which helps:
    • Reduce bouncing
    • Reduce wrinkling
    • Reduce the collapse of the top of the implant
  • A saline implant with a valve, which means it can be inserted empty and then filled, which means a smaller scar than a silicone gel implant

How the Ideal Implant Works?

The Ideal Implant does all of this through a new contoured design and a multi-layer approach. This uses multiple silicone shells, all within one outer shell. (All breast implant shells are made with silicone. It is the filling that can be either saline or silicone gel.) This new design was created with the input of many plastic surgeons. The Ideal Implant has two valves used to fill it with saline. Like any other implant, it can be purchased in various sizes. All of these improvements come from the new design. As such, the Ideal Implant does not use any new materials. It is simply a new design to address the concerns with the current options on the market. The result is an implant that has the natural feel of silicone gel, with the better safety record of saline. And it does this with an implant that is more resistant to wrinkles and ripples than a traditional saline implant. Also, due to this new multi-layer structure, it is less likely to have a rupture. (And in the case of a rupture, this can be easily detected. Also, a saline leak is not of medical concern. The human body can absorb the saline without ill effect.) The possible side effects are nearly the same as with previous breast implant procedures, with the exceptions we just noted (less ripples and less risk of rupture). The Ideal Implant has been studied in a clinical trial. It has been approved by the FDA in November 2014. Now that the company has had time to begin production, it is available commercially.

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