Size and Profile of Breast Implants

There are several size options for implants.

There are several size options for implants. The size is noted in cubic centimeters (ccs), such as 350 ccs. The implant needs to fit the width of the woman’s chest. For each width, there is a specific breast implant fill volume or range advised. For instance, a ‘300cc’ breast implant will likely have a fill range from 300cc to 330cc or even up to 350cc depending on the manufacturer and style of the breast implant. It is important that the implant should not be too large for the woman’s chest. If it is, it will likely be visible through the skin. This can also cause more problems.

Size should be considered in conjunction with the profile of the implant. The profile refers to how flat or raised the implant will be when filled. The profile might also be called projection of the implant. There are low profile implants that have a flatter shape. These are not used often. There are medium or moderate profile implants. These are the most commonly-used. There are also high-profile implants. They are used less often. High profile implants can allow more saline to be used to fill them. However, they become narrower as they fill. This does not usually produce a desired look for most women.

There are differing measurements for different types of implants as well. For example, tear-drop implants will have a base size (the width), a height, and then a projection size as well. The width will be different at the top and bottom halves. The height is the length from the top most to the bottom most point. The projection is measured in the bottom half, where it is the greatest.

While every woman differs, in general adding between 175 and 200 ccs will increase the breast by around one cup size. However, this equation doesn’t hold for all body types, so use it with caution. Talk with your plastic surgeon to assess what size of implant will achieve your goals.



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