Recent Trends in Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever wondered what the most common cosmetic surgeries are? Or what the current trends are in terms of what people get done or who is getting something done? Well, we do have some numbers to share! You may be surprised at some of the trends. While we’re not diving into every figure and trend in the industry, let’s take a look at some of the more recent trends that we are seeing. Here are a few examples of recent trends we are seeing:


  • Botox, even among children. Botox can be used for more than just wrinkles. In fact, it has a lot of purely medical purposes. It can be used to reduce muscle spasms in the face. It can also be used to reduce the effect of being cross-eyed. It can even be a treatment for migraines. Last but not least, we all know Botox is used to treat facial wrinkles. Overall, nearly 18,000 children had some form of Botox treatment last year. These were mostly for medical purposes. Of that figure though, over 1,100 were for cosmetic reasons.


  • Treatments are on the rise for those with lower incomes. Many cosmetic options are cheaper than full-blown surgery. There are also some affordable surgical options. These two factors may explain why there is also a trend for households with income of less than $25,000 per year being able to afford some minor procedures. In fact, this group accounts for nearly 30 percent of all cosmetic patients.


  • When it comes to children, otoplasty is the most common procedure. Have you heard of otoplasty? That’s the medical term for surgery on the ears. It’s often done to “pin” the ears back. Both boys and girls have this procedure. It’s often done because children are bullied for having ears that stick outward instead of back.


  • A trend for adults is getting surgery together. What we mean by that is that many people opt to have a cosmetic procedure at the same time as someone else in their life. For example, couples now opt to have some type of cosmetic procedure done at the same time. Besides couples, often we see mothers and daughters coming in for procedures together.


  • Trendy reasons for cosmetic procedures: o Social media. The “selfie” craze means people are more focused on how they look and how they present themselves. This can influence the desire for cosmetic procedures. o Weddings. Before getting married, many women have minor enhancing procedures, such as nose jobs or Botox.


  • Men are getting more procedures. Men now account for about 10 percent of the cosmetic procedures in the US. Many people assume that celebrities drive our desire to have cosmetic procedures.


Just look at all of the media attention that Renee Zellwenger got when she came out with what seemed to be a new look! But in reality, while we may be influenced by celebrities, it seems to be the people closer to home that influence how and what procedures we choose and when we elect to pursue them.



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