Politics and Plastic Surgery: A Match Made in Heaven?

Maybe you’ve noticed. Or maybe you’ve never even thought about it. But the fact is, many people who work in politics are also taking steps to refine their looks. It’s almost a job requirement. Politicians benefit from looking refreshed. It inspires confidence. The key for them is to not overdo it. They’re not going for Hollywood-style makeovers. No drastic changes. Just a few enhancements. For politicians, the key is to emphasize how competent they appear. This includes looking rested, happy, relaxed, and refreshed. How you look can affect how you’re perceived.

Types of Procedures Favored by Politicians 

No one wants to be told they look tired all the time. It’s frustrating to be asked if you’re feeling ill just because of normal skin sagging. When eyebrows sag or fine lines make the mouth appear downturned, a person looks upset. When dark patches appear, a person can look tired or burned out. But this all can be avoided. Most of these issues can be changed subtly. With that in mind, politicians often go for simple procedures with short recovery times. Here are a few examples:

  • Botox
  • Laser treatments
  • Dermal fillers
  • Minor body sculpting, such as liposuction
  • Ultrasound for skin tightening
  • Fraxel skin resurfacing
  • Dark spot reduction
  • Neck lifts
  • Lip plumping
  • Skin resurfacing

As you see, these are all changes that result in a refined look, not a dramatic change. In fact, many of these options aren’t even aimed at looking younger—just rested and refreshed. Perhaps most important, these types of procedures can often be done quickly and simply. They do not require a long recovery time. For a politician who is often seen in public, this is critical. Washington plastic surgeons and dermatologists are capitalizing on this. They’re providing services discreetly. Some even offer separate, private entrances for clients who do not wish to be seen coming in for a procedure.

Who Else Favors these Procedures?

 These types of procedures aren’t only for politicians of course. Anyone who wants to refine their look without making drastic changes can benefit. For example:

  • Real estate agents
  • Journalists
  • Diplomats
  • News anchors

This list has just a few examples. There are many professions who benefit from looking young and refreshed. Having a rested, relaxed appearance can indicate health and vitality. This inspires confidence from others. It keeps people from wondering if you’re ill or not getting enough rest. And the results can be subtle enough that no one is any wiser that any procedure has been done. For anyone who opts to keep this information confidential, that is another bonus of these types of procedures. (Naturally, we feel that there is nothing to hide in taking steps to look your best, but each person should have the right to their own privacy!) It should be noted that this article is written based solely on what we see in the news. Polished looks are not evidence of surgery. And we’re not trying to single anyone out. But this is one little Washington secret that perhaps isn’t such a secret at all.



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