Plastic Surgery Trends 2014-2015: A Closer Look at Numbers and Beyond

Is plastic surgery becoming more popular in the US with each day passing? The latest figures published from ASAPS (an abbreviation for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) shows that derrieres are getting larger, with breasts getting flatter and smaller. To which direction exactly the plastic surgery trends are moving this 2015? The answer is below.


Age of Smaller Busts and BIGGER Butts ASAPS reports show that buttock augmentation has increased by up to 86% in 2013 alone. However, ASPAS insider reports reveal that women do not just want oversized derrieres. Instead, they want shapely heinies. On the other hand, breast implants sales have increased by more than 30%. ASAPS reports indicate that many women have sought to replace their aging implants, whereas many others chose silicone gel-filled implants over saline implants. Silicone gel filled implants are quite new in the market and they were not available until a few years ago. Most notably, reports suggest that American women have particularly looked for smaller replacements for their bigger implants.


Botox and Fillers Are Trailing However, plastic surgery procedures have dropped by five percent in 2014. It seems that people are slightly disheartened to see the adverse effects of Botox of fillers, with photos of plastic surgery disasters going viral on the web every other day. Many women who were interviewed by independent surveyors expressed that they do not want to repeat the same process of refilling time and again, which might be another big cause behind the five percent drop in overall cosmetic procedures. Invasive procedures dropped by a meagre 1.5 percent, which many statisticians are not regarding as statistically too significant.


Obesity Is Still the Root Evil Getting rid of extra pounds is still a point of concern for many Americans. In recent times, liposuction and breast implants have frequently exchanged the top two places in types of surgical procedures chosen by Americans. Liposuction sat tight on the number one spot, closely followed by breast augmentation, tummy tucking, eye lifting, and breast lifting. Facelifts have slipped down to the eighth position. Liposuction is still the clear winner in the surgical side, whereas non-surgical fat burning procedures that involve new-age devices have rose by a staggering 42% in just one year. A new injection for fat reduction under the lower jaw is about to enter the market as it has already got an FDA approval. It is expected that liposuction will be chosen by a greater number of Americans by the end of this year.



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