How Do I Get Rid of Spider Veins?

What are spider veins?

Spider veins refer to the swollen red, purple, and blue veins that can be seen under the skin as they twist and turn. Spider veins can be both annoying and unsightly. These types of veins usually show up on either the legs or the face, and can cause people to want to cover them up or be embarrassed.


What causes spider veins?

When spider veins are visible on the face, this is usually because the skin has been damaged by UV rays. These UV rays can make the skin thinner and also increase the size of veins, therefore making the veins easier to see through the skin.

Other causes of spider veins can include:

  • Hereditary causes
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal changes
  • Use of certain medications such as birth control
  • Injuries or trauma to the skin
  • Vein injury
  • Blood clot history
  • Occupations that include many hours of standing
  • Previous history of blood clots


How can I treat my spider veins?

There are both home treatments for spider veins as well as procedures that can help remove the visible veins. Home treatments include lifestyle changes such as weight loss and better hygiene practices with the skin. However, if you would like to remove the spider veins, laser treatment can be used for more dramatic effects.

Laser treatments help to stop the blood flow through the small blood vessels in your face. This results in the spider vein becoming invisible, as there is no blood running through the vein to create the blue or purple lines. These treatments can be used on the legs, however the veins tend to be deeper and might possibly need another form of treatment.

The best way to figure out what type of treatment is best for you spider veins is to contact a professional and receive a consultation.


What is the laser treatment procedure for spider veins like?

Laser treatment for spider veins might feel like a slight pinching sensation when used on the face. However, this dissipates quickly due and is helped by the cooling agent that the laser also has. When the treatment is done on the legs, it is very similar. The length of the treatment is shorter on the face, however with either one the length depends on the areas that need to be treated and how many times they need to be treated.

As with any medical procedure, consider all of the risks. Schedule a consultation with the Loudoun Center for plastic surgery and dermatology today!



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