Four Precautions to Observe Before Breast Surgery

Breast surgery has become exceedingly common among women who wish to augment their assets or correct any sort of physical deformities they may have. Breast surgery has both aesthetic as well as medical benefits but there are some safety concerns that you need to consider before you opt for breast surgery. Prior to undergoing the change, you should get in touch with your doctor and understand what sort of precautions is necessary for people who wish to get breast surgery.


1. Avoid All Cosmetics

As women become more and more conscious of their looks and the way it affects their social life, they often opt for breast surgery in order to improve their aesthetic appeal. However, once the surgery is done, it is extremely important to remember that you should not apply any kind of cosmetics to the area since it is easily susceptible to infections or allergies at the time. You should make it a point to clean the area of surgery properly and wash it with medicated water or solutions to lower the risks.


2. Remain Indoors As Much As You Can

You should keep the exposure to direct sunlight as minimum as possible for the breast region as the UV rays may prove to be rather harmful in the surgical stitches. It is not recommended that you apply sunscreen. However, you might try ointment and antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor once your sutures have been removed after the breast surgery.


3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

You should follow a good diet plan prior to the breast surgery as antibiotics may sometimes lead to gastric problems. A good diet for pre-surgery candidates involves lots of fruits, light food and toned milk. It is advisable that you avoid drinking or smoking even before the operation until the time the operated section recovers completely. You should try to stay away from supplements and medicines as much as possible. Try your best to build up a strong and resilient immunity system until the beginning of the procedure. Supplements should only be taken with the advice of the doctor since they might affect your health adversely.


4. Get Acquainted with Your Doctor

Prior to getting breast surgery, you should carry out proper research about your doctor. Know about his credentials and whether or not this is his/her area of expertise. It is never a good idea to go in blind for such a major surgery. Moreover, you should talk about your medical history before the start of the process.



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