Four Common Face Surgery Mistakes to Avoid

Your face is your identity and if you want to alter that, it must be for the better. If that be true, there is a laundry-list of considerations you would have to make and some common mistakes that you would need to avoid. Here are the most common mistakes in face surgery.


Swaying with Trends

One of the most common face surgery mistakes that one can commit is to be influenced by popular trends and procedures opted for by celebrities. The patient needs to realize that not all facial surgeries are suited for everybody. They depend on various factors like the person’s individual lifestyle pattern, genetic factors and other such determinants. Case in point, celebrities like Donatella Versace are examples of face surgery mistakes that could have been easily avoided.


Scars and Marks

Scarring is one of the most common types of face surgery mistakes committed. Surgeries such as face lifts and eye lifts have a huge risk factor involved when it comes to scarring. Although many believe that it is the surgeon’s skill that decides the degree of scarring that takes place, professionals point out that it is not the case. In most cases, apparently, it is the patient’s genetic condition that plays the key role in determining the extent and degree of scarring that takes place. For example, a person whose skin shade lies on the darker side and is prone to skin pigmentation will scar to a greater degree than an otherwise fairer patient.


Unqualified Surgeons

Many unqualified and fraudulent so-called surgeons are opening practice, nowadays. More importantly, people are flocking to them in large numbers due to their reduced price rates. However, this is one of the most harmful and serious bases of face surgery mistakes. Surgeons who perform without legitimate licenses can not only mess up the patient’s facial appearance very badly, but may also result in other life-threatening conditions such as piercing into a vital vein or rupturing an important artery. In many situations, these surgeons may actually be doctors, who venture into the surgical field with limited knowledge, hoping to make an extra income. Therefore, checking the doctor’s credentials thoroughly is an absolute must.


Lying about one’s Personal Habits

Very few patients can fully understand the full measure of what lying to the surgeon can do to him at a later stage. Proper communication between the patient and the doctor is a key factor in avoiding preventable face surgery mistakes. Hiding smoking habits, medication practices and lying about other allergies are all examples of disasters waiting to happen. For example, the surgeon may recommend a facial corrective procedure that does not go with the patient’s lifestyle pattern and may actually, end up ruining the patient’s experience in surgery.



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