Few Common Modes of Laser Hair Removal Techniques

Going by history, laser hair removal has come a long way since its inception. From a period when most people were skeptical in visiting clinics to undergo this feared process to a day when there is a beeline to avail such a procedure at cost-effective rates, the journey has been tough but exciting. After all, unwanted hair on the body can be a source of frustration and removing it with lasting results (as in not reappearing, which is only possible if proper settings are availed) is a welcome respite.


Types of machines

A number of body areas can be rendered hair free, thanks to the innovative laser hair removal machines that are in vogue. Fromm face to neck, shoulders to arms and underarms, back to stomach, almost all body regions can look amazing just by availing few sessions. However, machineries vary for each region and few common ones are enlisted as under:

  • Diode Laser
  • Nd:YAG
  • Ruby Laser
  • Alexandrite
  • IPL_Intense Pulse Light


The rise in hair removal clinics

With the noticeable results that hair removal techniques produce, there is no dearth of clinics, spas, salons and the like dealing in the same. Most professional laser hair removal centers have all the facilities required to help patients undergo the sessions, only after free consultation with the experts. This is largely keeping in mind the difference in results and the number of sessions that can vary from one patient to the other. Depending on individuals, the success rates are also likely to differ. However, it is better to be wary about the clinic one visits and their risk assessment measures before investing one’s hard-earned money. Not all such centers are genuine or have trained staff. All it requires to be safe is basic research to get started.


Weighing the risks involved

Safety measures are a must in all kinds of laser hair removal treatments. It is nothing uncommon to learn about instances when the initial couple of sessions went smooth for someone only to falter in the next. Despite the overwhelming popularity of such sessions, treatment risks involve severe injuries, burns to sensitive areas, infections, and even cases of death. When performed by non-physicians having minimal training, such problems are more than likely. To avoid such complications, getting in touch with a trusted service provider and licensed professionals who deal more with the medical side than cosmetic aspects can help accomplish the job well.



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