Eight Important Questions about Male Breast Reduction Answered

It may seem less obvious, both men and women have glandular breast tissue. And at times the tissue causes problems, for both men and women. Hence, even men, on instances, find need for breast reduction. Here are a few questions we answered for you.


1. Are you a candidate?

The singular important question is: does the condition cause physical or psychological bothering? Should the reply be affirmative, you may consider surgery and start off by gathering relevant information that will help you make a prudent decision. Consultation with a Board Certified Surgeon would be the ideal place to start.


2. Are you too young to consider gynecomastia surgery?

It is generally recommended to wait until the age of 18 years. But there are certain special circumstances where you may consider it even earlier. You plastic surgeon would be able to tell you better.


3. How to choose the right surgeon?

As the rule of thumb, go for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons should be preferred over other surgeons. It is equally important that the surgeon has ample experience with this type of surgery. You may always use the internet to find a surgeon that matches these criteria.


4. What results can be expected?

what results can be expected

An extended discussion with the surgeon is advisable here. Ask them to explain out the procedure in detail and form a clear understanding of the surgery. It is best to keep expectations confined to realism. An experienced surgeon will help you out with this.


5. How many similar procedures has the surgeon carried out?

Ask the surgeon about the number of similar procedures he has performed in his career, the last year and in the current month. If he voices significant experience, feel free to ask for testimony and images shot before and after the surgery.


6. What surgical risks are involved?

Aside the general risks involved in plastic surgery, there are a few more that are different for specific cases. Your experienced consultant should inform you about these during the consultation.


7. What does the scar look like?

The scar is generally an inch long on the lower areola, which makes it almost invisible. If liposuction is employed, some small scars may persist on the armpits and chest. If there is a requirement for very extensive procedures, discuss it in detail with your surgeon.


8. Is there any post-operative pain that requires medication?

The pain after the operation is generally minimal. But surgeons often prescribe medicines for pain as the magnitude of pain is different in individuals.



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