Double-Chin Reducing Drug Likely to Get FDA Nod in May

ATX-101 all set to Get FDA Approval

ATX-101, a breakthrough innovation from Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc. has just got the initial approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the researchers who had been working socks off to formulate a new drug for years, ATX-101 has no side effects whatsoever. They maintained that the FDA staffs have already confirmed that the drug has more benefits than side effects. The double-chin reduction drug, as claimed by the researchers, will get final FDA approval on or before May 13 in all likeliness.


Better alternative to liposuction?

People who want to bid adieu to double chin have no other option than local anesthesia and liposuction. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that has numerous known side-effects such as swelling, numbness and bruising. Excessive fluid and blood loss is a severe complication that might arise post-surgery. Pulmonary Edema, Infection and Toxic Reaction are few other known side effects of liposuction. Leading physicians around the world have warned cosmetic surgery enthusiasts time and again about the adverse effects of liposuction. Their new drug, ATX-101, can be used as a zero-risk and highly effective way to get rid of double chin, Kythera researchers have claimed with conviction. It seems that a suitable and even better alternative to liposuction is all set to hit the market.


The new panacea for fat reduction

Kythera’s achievement did not get unnoticed by investors and stakeholders. Their stocks skyrocketed by a whopping 25 percent as soon as the news of initial FDA approval hit the web and social media. The researchers have stressed upon the fact that ATX-101 is the first drug of its type in the United States and that it can effectively reduce fat deposits. They have also revealed that the drug is a chemical compound of deoxycholic acid that targets and destroys the fat cells around the chin but does not impact the surrounding tissues. FDA reviewers have also added that no health hazards of the drug have been identified up to now. However, an independent expert panel will discuss upon the drug and pass over their recommendations to the FDA. The drug is also being reviewed by Swiss and Canadian regulators.


Painless and zero side-effect

With obesity gradually taking the form a pandemic in North America, people having few extra pounds always look for effective ways to reduce fat. ATX-101, as claimed by the Kythera Pharmaceuticals researchers, will change the way people used to perceive fat reduction. Unlike surgical procedures, the drug will provide a painless and zero-side-effect way to reduce fat. It is now to see whether ATX-101 gets the much-anticipated final FDA approval or not.



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