What happened to Renee Zellweger?

I must admit that I was surprised with the recent photos of Renee Zellweger. I have always thought that she was a beautiful young woman. I have enjoyed watching her in various roles and the weight changes that were required for those roles did not seem to alter her ‘Renee’ look. Her most recent photo from the Elle event on October 20 intrigued and compelled me to examine her current aesthetic. It has taken a few days for me to find the time to search out some more photos from her past. Well, now I am making the time!

Ideally, I would like to see pictures of her parents as ‘twenty somethings’ and then again in their ‘middle age’. This would allow a more accurate assessment of how Renee’s genetics have influenced her aging. What I mean by this is that as people age, they will lose facial volume. This will occur because of loss of facial fat and bone structure. The rate at which these two losses occur will vary in people based on their genetics. So these types of pictures from her parents would allow to us to say, her parents experienced similar facial changes as they aged. I would also like to see similar views of Renee in a standardized view format, unlikely.

From the plastic surgeon point of view, it does appear that her face has changed. She has lost some of the roundness of youth and her face seems to be a bit thinner appearing. I realize that many are saying this is from facial fat removal, or liposuction, or Botox type injections, but it also could be just a matter of her genetic code clicking over to start displaying more facial aging by fat loss. If she is dieting and exercising differently this could also contribute to an acceleration of the fat loss. She is still too young for any significant bone reabsorption so her changes are most likely due to facial fat volume changes. So giving her the benefit of the doubt, it is possible to see this type of change just by aging itself.

As for her eyes? She does appear to have had her upper eyelid skin removed to alter her eye appearance. Her eyes look very good, different but still good.

As for her nose? Without seeing better quality and comparative views it is very difficult to say that she has had a minor tweaking of her nasal aesthetic. If she did, it was not any time recent because there are images of her as early as 2003 that show her with a narrow nose, but then in 2005, her nose appears wider in the pictures. So by not having standard, non-smiling photos, evaluating her nose is very difficult. Here too, I would give her the benefit of the doubt and if she says she has not had any work done there, why not believe her?

As for Renee version 2014, she looks great! She remains a beautiful woman, different from younger Renee, but none the less beautiful. The second part of this attraction is did she or didn’t she? Her answer is No, my answer is…does it really matter? It is my hope that the press finds other things to gossip about than how people decide how to live that is not bothering anyone else. So Renee still gets my vote as a beautiful, talented actress and I look forward to seeing her again at the cinema.



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