Butt Injections Gone Wrong

Butt, rear, derriere, backside, rump, tush… I could go on… there’s no shortage of descriptors for our bums. Brazil even has a “Miss Bum Bum” contest dedicated to – you guessed it – the best bum! So it’s no surprise that there are also several options to change the look of our bums. We can do injections of fat. Or we can inject artificial materials. Or we can even do implants. Butt lifts are gaining popularity too. The problem comes in when the “doctor” (more on that in a minute) uses substances that are not medically safe. (Doctor is in quotes in this case because many times when you find a “surgeon” who does something illegal like this, it turns out that individual isn’t even a doctor at all, let alone a certified plastic surgeon.) Case in point: Oneal Ron Morris. Morris is currently being held in a Florida jail. She is awaiting trial on seven different cases! One of those cases even involves a patient who died. A former patient of Morris has had to have several corrective surgeries to fix all of the issues she caused. These types of toxic injections caused swelling, infections, and even death for one woman. Morris has been accused of injecting illegal, unsafe substances for people looking for butt enhancements. She (allegedly) used many toxic fillers (some of them at the same time):
  • Mineral oil
  • Flat tire sealant
  • Caulk
  • Glue
  • Cement (!!)
If you’re shaking your head reading that list, you’re not alone. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could think that using any of those items for an internal injection would be a good idea. (We assume the patients were told they were being given something safe – not cement or glue!) It’s even been said that she used super glue instead of sutures to close the patient’s wounds. Unfortunately for those patients, this case is even getting notoriety. It’s being called the “toxic tush” case. But her injections haven’t been limited to the tush. She’s also injected toxic substances into faces—which has caused swelling and nodules to form. Even worse, this is not the first time Morris has been arrested. She’s been charged with:
  • Practicing medicine without a license and causing serious bodily injury (seven counts)
  • Manslaughter
If she’s found guilty, she could be sentenced to jail for 100 years. (This is because the sentences in the seven cases could be served consecutively). With a name like “toxic tush” it’s easy to laugh, but it’s obviously not a laughing matter. We have no shortage of examples like this in which patients should be more wary. Morris wasn’t even using an office to perform her procedures. She was using hotel rooms and homes. Yet this wasn’t a big enough red flag for people seeking enhancement at a reduced price. The moral of the story is, as always: do your homework on your plastic surgeon. He or she should be certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You should be able to request and see photos of past work. Most reputable surgeons will even have some former patients you can talk to. Don’t be afraid to Google their name!



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