3 Things to Consider Before Getting A Breast Augmentation

Are you self-conscious about the way your breasts look or about their size? With breast augmentation, you have many different options that a trained plastic surgery professional can provide for you to have the breasts that you’ve always wanted. However, there are many things that women should consider before getting any kind of breast augmentation. As somebody that is considering breast augmentation, you probably have many questions about the process to be answered.

This article will talk about three of the most important things that you should consider before getting a breast augmentation.

1) What do you want?

The first and most important thing to consider when looking at getting a breast augmentation is what you want. Are you looking to have larger breasts, smaller breasts, or more cleavage?

Check out your options for breast augmentation and make sure that you are fully informed on the type of surgery that you want. Going to a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon can greatly help with this step.

Your basic options for breast augmentation at the Loudoun Center are:

  • Implants – This is the most common type of breast augmentation. It allows for an implant to be inserted in through incisions in order to increase the size of the breast.
  • Lift – Otherwise known as Mastopexy, this surgery lifts the breast through removal and tightening of extra skin around the area.
  • Reconstruction – With several options on how to recreate the breast, many choose this option to try and bring back the same look of a breast previous to a mastectomy due to breast cancer.
  • Reduction – Otherwise known as a Reduction Mammoplasty, breast reduction can fix a few problems. If you have neck, back, or shoulder pain or are uncomfortable with a largely disproportionate breast size, this would be the option for you. Breast reduction surgery allows for the breast to be resized to a smaller cup size.


2) What is your budget?

It is important to remember that any kind of breast augmentation is considered a cosmetic surgery and won’t be covered by your medical insurance. Therefore, you will personally be responsible for the full cost of the surgery. At the Loudoun Center, breast augmentations usually cost between $5,000-6,000, dependent on different variables.


3) What is your personality, how do you workout, and what do you wear?

Some extra considerations when thinking about breast augmentation are your clothing style, personality, and how you keep fit. All of these things work together to form an idea of how large or small you should go when considering any kind of breast surgery. When trying on sizes, make sure to bring in some of your favorite outfits or even outfits that you might want to be able to wear after the surgery. Also, think about the physical activities that you do and how your size might affect those activities. Lastly, think about what would best fit your personality and the way that you would like to be perceived physically. While these are personal decisions, it can be a great idea to consult your partner, family, or good friends on these considerations as well as they can help you to come to the right decision for you.



Dr. Michael J. Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers innovative aesthetic procedures for the face, breast, and body.


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