Liposuction of stomach area on a man

This video by the Medical Director of The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr Michael J Brown MD, expertly details a plastic surgery liposuction on a man.

Male Stomach Liposuction

This liposuction video will show a man's abdomen be re-contoured. He's also gonna have, as a separate procedure, liposuction of his gynecomastia, or enlarged male breast, area. What I'm going to start with is numbing the tissues up with a local injection prior to making my incisions, and I will also prepare the chest area, which will be done and demonstrated in a later video.

This patient might need to have a minor breast lift, and therefore, I will be placing a little bit more numbing medicine, and blood constrictor medicine, in the areas that I might be performing a more aggressive surgery. I will make a small incision in the areas that I plan to be re-contouring.

This gentleman has already had his posterior flanks, or love handles, re-contoured, and now he's gonna have his anterior flanks, or front side love handles, as well as his belly, re-contoured. The cannula that you see here is actually a wetting solution cannula, and we use this to infuse fluid into the tissues. This fluid has two medications in it. One is a vasoconstrictor, or blood vessel constricting medication. This will allow there to be less bleeding in the areas that I'm actually doing the surgery in, as well as a numbing medicine that's in the fluid. And this will allow him to require less anesthesia during the surgery, and improve his early post-operative pain.

The fluid is placed in both the superficial and deeper tissues of the fat, and we actually categorize this area as having two different discrete planes of fat. So, we call them the superficial plane, and the deep plane. And on different people, they'll have different degrees of superficial planes and different degrees of deeper planes.