What is BTL Vanquish?

BTL Vanquish is the latest treatment to be approved by the FDA for fat reduction. It is a machine that uses radio frequency to target belly fat. The fat cells are heated enough to target them and kill them. (This requires about 120 degrees). The heat level is enough to kill off a lot of fat cells all at once. But the heat is targeted, so no other tissue is harmed. The skin stays around 101 degrees, which is barely above normal body temperature. The device is used by plastic surgeons to help patients reduce the size of their belly with a non-invasive procedure. The BTL Vanquish system is not just FDA approved. It is also patented.


How Does BTL Vanquish Work?

BTL Vanquish works by using energy. The energy is in the form of high-frequency radio waves. This creates a thermal energy, which can be targeted at fat. The skin can be protected at the same time because the radio waves do not harm the skin cells. This makes the procedure very comfortable and safe. By using radio frequency, the BTL Vanquish device can cover a large area. This means it takes less time. Because the RF never touches the skin directly, it is not painful. The RF is targeted at fat cells only. It heats them to a point that the fat cells are destroyed without harming the surrounding skin and muscle. Because of the large size of the BTL Vanquish device, it is best used on the stomach area. It can target the entire stomach at once. This includes the sides of the waist.


Why Choose Vanquish?

The Vanquish process is a brand new technology. This process means fat loss without surgery. No surgery means no time for recovery is needed. Even better: the fat loss is permanent. This is an option that is less invasive than surgery. It costs less. There’s no recovery time. And it works. This is a truly amazing way to get a slimmer belly without much downside. In fact, the main side effects are warm, pink skin for a while after each treatment. A few people have experienced tenderness or redness, but this is not common.


What to Expect

Typically, treatment is given in 4 to 6 sessions. These sessions are set up one week apart. Each session lasts about 30 minutes. The machine is set up to give readings to the plastic surgeon that can tell exactly how well the system is working and it can be updated as needed to ensure best results. To prepare, the patient needs to be hydrated. The hydration is key to getting rid of the fat. And because the treatment is warm, it is best to wear appropriate clothing to deal with the warmth. After the treatment, the results may take a bit of time to appear. This is because the body’s natural systems will need to reabsorb and eliminate the dead fat cells. Patients typically experience a change in waist size of between 1 and 3 inches. This treatment can offer a new body contour. The whole waist can be made smaller. It really is a treatment with all of the benefits so many of us are looking for.



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